Temple Mount (Jerusalem, Israel)
sacred place for Jews, Christians and Muslims since centuries
Ait-Ben-Haddou (Atlas region, Morocco)
an ancient city on the route from Marrakech to Sahara
Castle of Graines (Italy)
an ancient castle in Valle d'Aosta facing the Alps
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Super powers to Sony A6700!

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Best lightweight gimbal: DJI RS3 Mini vs ZHiyun Weebill 3S and Crane M3S

Need a lightweight/travel gimbal to stabilize your videos on the go? Here we have a detailed comparison among the best 3 light gimbals: DJI Ronin RS3 Mini vs Zhiyun Weebill 3S vs Zhiyun Crane M3S and also a short comparison with bigger DJI RS3. With suggestion of 5 accessories that leverage the functionalities of DJI RS3 Mini and workaround some weaknesses.

And here you have the super-detailed comparative table.

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Artificial Intelligence noise reduction: which is the best in 2023?

The Artificial Intelligence (AI) is really revolutionizing the world of digital photography, with capabilities that 10 years ago seemed impossibile (automatic corrections, context-dependent fill, simulated out-of-focus, etc.) and one of the most useful feature is digital noise reduction, that is evident in high sensitivity (ISO) shots or when you raise the exposure of dark areas. But how much is "intelligent" the AI of most famous editing software? Let's discover it with this detailed comparison with extensive real tests in different noisy situations!

  • Referenced brands in this article: Adobe, Phase One, DxO

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DPReview is closing! Alternatives to DPReview

On March 21st, among general surprise, the very famous photography site DPreview announced that... in a short while it is closing after 25 years of operations.

Nobody expected this but current owner, Amazon, decided to shut down the most famous photo site on the web.

The content of DPreview should remain accessible for some time as an archive (for how long? nobody knows), but of course new gear will not be described and reviewed.

Which alternatives to DPReviews?

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Pro audio with a mirrorless: Zoom H5 video-review and tests

In order to have a quality audio recording shooting with a mirrorless (even a full-frame model), an external mic is a mandatory choice.

In this in-depth review (39 minutes of details and tests) we are going to analyze the stereo mic and digital recorder Zoom H5, one of the best-selling portable recorders.

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New information service by LightPoint: photo brands!

LightPoint.info today launches a new information section: photo brands! In this section you will find the list of most of worldwide brands that produce photo gears (mainly cameras and lenses) or photo software.

Currently 48 brands are comprised and the list will grow; for each brand you will find some brief but interesting information: brand logo (proprietary of the company), headquarter location, year of foundation, and for the most famous ones a brief history and the description of abbreviations used in products like terms in lens naming. Also in each brand page you will find the links to product models of that brand in LightPoint photo gear database.

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Nikon worrying signals... what's happening?

Nikon logo

In the past months, we've seen worrying signals coming from Nikon, that let us think of internal problems.

Warranties have been reduced, no new models, many product discontinued...

Let's summarize what happened recently to let the fact speak:

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Benq monitors calibration: black level fixed in Palette Master Elements

Benq logo

Benq produces very good monitors for photography, with professional quality but cheaper than other pro brands like NEC and Eizo. And if you buy a high end Benq monitor with hardware calibration, like the great SW271 that is a 27" 4K monitor with almost 100% AdobeRGB gamut, you surely care a lot for color accuracy, so periodic monitor calibration with a colorimeter is a must.

Benq provides its software for hardware calibration: Palette Master Elements (PME). I made myself a lot of testing on color accuracy resulting from using this software and found one particular problem with it.

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Color Theory - All you need to know

Always wondered what are color spaces, ICC profiles, gamma and all about color management? This tutorial is for you: you will learn all important concepts about the theory of colors and you will be ready to understand how to use your monitor at its best.

Index of sections:

Let's start.

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Olympus going out of Imaging business

Olympus logo

Today very sad, but not so unexpected news, come from Olympus: the company has signed an agreement with Japan Industrial Partners, Inc. ("JIP") to sell its imaging division, the one that produces and sells cameras and lenses, by the end of current year.

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