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The image, and RAW, processing software DxO Optics Pro from DxO has been replaced by a new version called DxO Photo Lab. The new name brings new features, like the most interesting are the following ones:

  • local adjustment tool (finally, every major image software has one) using Nik's U Point technology that has been bought from Google which in turn acquired Nik software 5 years ago - Nik software provides renowned effects for black and white, film and so on;
  • graduated filter (like in Adobe Lightroom and other similar softwares);
  • auto mask to help user to follow edges when drawing a retouching mask (this too available in similar advanced image softwares);
  • a rebuilt version of the repair tool that promises better and faster operations.

There is a discounted offer until end of November then the price for the Essential (base) and Elite (top) versions will be respectively $129 and $199, of course discounts are available for existing DxO Optics pro customers.

Link for offical page and trial download is here.