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As anticipated, yesterday Luminar 3 from Skylum Software has been made available to the public (beta versions were released to a restricted group of users): it is a RAW editing program that tries to compete with Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom.

The update is free for existing Luminar users while for new users the price is $69 / 69 € (with some 10 $/€ discount codes offered by quite a number of sites). 

One of the main addition of this version is the Libraries Module, basically an advanced browser to navigate and filter photos in their folder, a very important functionality that was missing so far,, it is not yet a fully featured media organizer (often called a DAM - Digital Asset Management tool)  but other improvements have been addedto version 3, let's see them:

  • now it is possible to sync adjustments among images;
  • there is a new panel to show EXIF info (but not yet all metadata like IPTC info).
  • Previous presets are now "LOOKs" and should be more and faster.
  • Fixed monitor color profile support (also useable for printers).

The new version should be further updated soon to add features to the Library module (like handling of RAW+JPEG, image searches with filters).

Of course our LightPoint Photo Software Database has listed Luminar v3.