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Do you often export massively your RAW images into JPEG or intermediate TIF for post-processing in Photoshop before final export to JPG? Not all your images have the same importance and you would like to save space on your storage since image files are so many and so big?

You can improve your export workflow with the new Adobe Lightroom@ Classic plugin


Let's see how:

When importing into Lightroom:

  • assign a keyword to mark your RAWs, like "toExport". You would have a smart collection based on this keyword to keep the list of RAWs to be converted.

During Develop and Browsing your RAWs:

  • set star rating to your images - more stars where you want more quality in JPG, less where you can save storage with less quality;
  • set Pick flag to images that you want to keep in the original (RAW) format;
  • set a color label (e.g. blue) to images you need to export intermediately to TIF;
  • you can optionally assign your images to you desired collections.

Now just select your images and export them with PhotoWhisker: this plugin will...

  • convert to JPG selecting for each image export quality and resize based on your rating. Your 5-stars images will be best quality and your file size of 1-star ones will be up to 6 times smaller! You can tune this behavior as you like in the configuration.
  • if a JPG file is too large for your tastes (you can configure this threshold in PhotoWhisker configuration), a specific color label (e.g. purple) will be assigned and you can re-export it with lower quality or size.
  • the "toExport" keyword will be stripped from RAWs so that your smart collection of images to be exported will be updated;
  • for images that you do not want to keep the original (without the Pick flag), a Reject flag will be set to the source/RAW so that you can later delete them;
  • images with the blue color labels will be exported to TIF instead of JPG, for your editing in Photoshop@ or external editor.
  • the produced JPGs will be assigned to the same collections of their source RAWs (if any).

Quite a saving of time and storage space!

Description and screenshots of all features. PhotoWhisker is available in our shop for both Windows and Mac.