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XRite has published ColorCheck Camera Calibration software version 2: here you have the official presentation video from XRite:

ColorChecker Camera Calibration is the software to calibrate colors and brightness shooting with a specific combination of camera and lens using the famous XRite calibrated color pattern targets (ColorChecker Passport is one of the most popular version) and thus creating profile correction files to be used in your image editing workflow (tipically starting from RAW).

In general, there are 2 types of these profile correction files: DNG (used for example in Adobe - Lightroom and Photoshop) and ICC (user for example in Phase One - Capture One), but so far XRite software produced only DNG profiles.

The new version adds two features:

  • possibility to create a ICC profile so finally to be used in Capture One, including support for the XRite Digital ColorChecker SG target;
  • possibility to track the age of the target after being put in use - XRite suggest to replace targets about every 2 years of use for avoiding shift of colors/luminance, though many photographers use them longer since they are not so cheap (around 100$/€ per piece).

Download the XRite update from this link (Windows and Mac versions).

And now, as in the spirit of LightPoint, a question: are there good alternatives to XRite proprietary software though it is free? Yes, there are several ones. 

One of the most sophisticated software to create a DNG or an ICC profile with much much more options than XRites's one, is Lumariver Profile Designer. You can use it with all default options with no hassle and compare several of your images applying different correction profiles (an extremely useful feature) or dive into many knobs to tune your correction profile.

There are 3 editions of which the cheapest is 30 € for DNG only profiles and a first set of controls, 100 € for more options and ICC profiles and 200 € for a very advanced version for reproduction work that normal photographers do not need.

Lumariver Profile Designer is listed in our LightPoint Photo Software Database at this link where you can jump to vendor site.