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Adobe during its event Adobe MAX 2018 has announced the release of the new versions of its photographic software: Photoshop CC 2019 (version 20.0), Lightroom CC 8.0 (the web version), and Lightroom Classic CC 8.0 (the desktop version).

Let's see what's new in these new versions:

  • Photoshop CC 2019:
    • a new workspace for much more flexible content-aware fill, where you real time preview, possibility of telling photoshop which part of the image to use for filling the selected area, option to rotate the filled content and so on. It uses Adobe's artificial intelligence algorithm called "Adobe Sensei". Very cool, description of usage from Adobe at this link.
    • a new frame tool with which you can much faster scale/adapt an image into a rectangular or elliptical frame/ you have defined.
    • multiple undo through Control-Z key (Windows) / Command-Z (Mac) like in most applications.
    • crop, transform, edit text now have auto-commit - i.e. you do no longer have to press the "commit" button to make an edit effective.
    • a new color wheel to pickup colors.
    • other usability improvements.
  • Lightroom Classic CC 8.0
    • depth range masking for HEIC photos: for that type of image (like from an iPhone) where depth map data are recorded with the multiple camera, you can use those data for masking - extending color and luminosity masking already available. This new feature will not be of use for mirrorless and DSLR cameras that do not record HEIC images.
    • one step HDR panorama (no more HDR and panorama merge in two steps).
    • a new RAW engine version, number 5 that reduces purple color cast in low-light shots and noise in negative Dehaze correction.
    • faster Canon tethering shooting (and Nikon will follow - when Sony...??).
  • Lightroom CC 8.0
    • People view (as already available in Lightroom Classic CC and previous standalone versions);
    • automatic search suggestions.
    • a share tab with a connector to your Adobe Portfolio area;
    • a migration tool from Apple Photo to invite users to leave Apple's software...;
    • a display view, a sort of slideshow setting when you can control background, breaks between images and text to create a "story", that later can be shared through the share tab.

Finally, a full Photoshop version for iPad as been announced for next year.

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