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Adobe has updated Lightroom to version 6.6. For the Creative Cloud users (monthly subscriber) there are 3 new features:

  • Guided Upright tool: draw 2 or 4 lines on the image to indicate vertical/horizontal or vertical+horizontal (4 lines) lines in the image and LR will straighten it to minimize the keystone effect (perspective). It is available in the Transform Panel but first activates after having activated Lens correction. A video shows how it works (see below in the article).
  • Pending Sync Activity section: in Preferences - Lightroom mobile tab, it show sync activity to detect any sync errors.
  • Deleting synced data is now done from the web interface to avoid that you can accidentally remove them.

About the Guided Upright tool there is a video on YouTube from Adobe to show how it works:

For all users (monthly subscribers and perpetual licence owners) the news are:

  • panorama or HDR merge now works also with previews;
  • performance improvements in the Develop mode that preloads the 2 previous and next images to show them faster when moving to close images.
  • keyword count in the keyword panel when using the "enter keyword" mode.
  • The Lens Corrections panel has been split into a Lens Corrections panel (with chromatic aberration, distorsion, fringing correction) and a new Transform panel (for perspective/upright also with image offset and tuning after straightening).
  • the usual addition of support for new cameras (full list of support cameras is here), many new lenses (full list of support lenses is here), tethering shooting for new cameras (full list of thethering support is here).
  • many bug fixes, among them: LR crashed when tethered shooting with some Canon cameras, Photoshop Elements catalog import works if images are on a NAS, removing virtual copy smart previews deleted also original smart previews, sublocation metadata field is no more filled by reverse geocoding, white balance as shot showed different values depending on camera profiles, scrollbar missing from book module on Windows, removing face tags causes photos to get stuck in “To Be Republished” state when using Publish Service Plugins such as Smugmug, it was impossibile to create panoramas or HDR images when merging from a collapsed stack of original files.

The updates can be downloaded with the Help menu - Updates or...

Direct download links are available here: Windows and Mac

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