Reviews and overviews of mid/high segment cameras, software and other photographic stuff.

On October 15th 2008, Phase One has released Capture ONE PRO version 4.

Capture ONE comes in two versions: "normal" and PRO.

After some days of teaser appearing on its website announcing a great new camera, finally Canon has announced the new full frame camera: 5D Mark II, a new version of the mid/high range 5D model launched in August 2005.

The list of additions and enhancements is quite impressive. Let's see.

On Sept. 9th, Sony has announced a full frame DSLR Alpha 900, a pro model that with a good price will try to push Sony as an attractive chance into the pro-DSLR market (remember that Sony acquired Minolta).

The new camera offers an astonishing 24 Megapixels resolution (the new sensor was announced last January), but since the sensor is large, we don't expect the typical challenge in raising pixel counts (increased noise and reduced dynamic range).

July 29th, 2008. Today Adobe has release the new version of its Lightroom product, version 2.0.
In the following article you can find a detailed but concise review of major (and some minor) changes from existing 1.4 version and some (personally speaking) missing points.

Basically, not a huge step forward but a lot of welcome additions to streamline photographers work.

Let's analyze the changes in the different areas.