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Canon has announced the EOS 60D in the mid-range segment, after a lot of rumours and expectations. Actually it is not exactly a full upgrade of the 50D, let's see briefly why.

It does offer new and upgraded capabilities like:

  • HD movie shooting (taken from higher range model 7D);
  • 18 Megapixels versus 15 Mp of 50D;
  • ISO range up to 6400 (excluded expanded ones that I consider more commercial than practical features);

Apart from that, the 60D has also some "downgraded" features with respect to previous x0D line like:

  • mixed plastic/metal body;
  • no more AF micro-adjustments for lenses (it means you must have your lenses tuned by Canon -on a charge- if you need that);
  • 5.3 burst rate versus 6.3 of 50D (though image size was smaller);
  • adoption of SD cards instead of CF ones (all high range Canon models use CF cards).

It's a weird move from Canon, we hope the x0D line would not collapse into the entry level line...

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