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Canon has announced the upgrade of its professional EOS 1D reflex: 1D Mark IV.

Main news on this model:

  • new autofocus system with 45 AF points (the competition with Nikon is stiff...) of which 39 are high-precision, and new Auto Focus predictive algorithm;
  • 10 frames per second burst, optimal for sport photography;
  • HD video recording up to 1080x720 pixels at 29.97 fps with monoaural built-in microphone or external stereo one;
  • 16 megapixels sensor of APS-H size, that means a crop factor of 1.3 (focals are multiplied by 1.3);
  • ISO up to 12'800 - even up to 102'400 with expansion..., that we do not recommend since images loose detail and contrast, but Nikon with recent D3s made the same...;
  • declared better white balance with tungsten light, where Canon white balance has always been poor.

The new model should be available by end of this year at about $ 5'000.

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