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Adobe has released Lightroom 6.4. Many of the interesting changes are the same that we covered with the detail article on Adobe Camera Raw 9.4 - see here.

Now let's see the changes for Lightroom in details, as new features/improvements and bug fixes.


  • Faster update of thumbnails when editing multiple images using sync or copy&paste, also Lightroom now builds 1:1 previews in advance to be ready for fast zooming in.
  • The panorama merging process is about twice faster than version 6.3.

Additional features / improvements

  • A new interesting boundary warp feature to make a rectangular image of a merged panoramas with irregular borders - see the ACR 9.4 article for description (link here).
  • New cameras support and many many new lens supported - again all details in the ACR 9.4 article (link here).
  • Improved quality when applying Auto Straighten and Upright “Level” mode.
  • Metadata is added to merged panoramas to support Photoshop’s Adaptive Wide Angle filter.
  • When adding photos through Lightroom mobile or via Web, user can set the location and folder structure (option in Preferences > Lightroom mobile).
  • Added paths to Home, Documents, Pictures and Movies/Videos folders to the choice of destination in the Export dialog.
  • On Mac scrolling photos with a Magic Mouse, trackpad or other similar device, the scroll can be too fast: there is a new option in Preferences > Interface to disable "speed swiping”.
  • Nikon 1 J4 Camera matching profile support added.
  • Added support for tethering for following cameras:
    • Nikon D5500
    • Nikon D7200
      Supported Nikon cameras are working again on Mac 10.11 El Capitan, while tethering Leica cameras on Mac 10.11 El Capitan is still not working - Adobe is waiting for a Leica update.

Bug fixes

  • Import
    • Tethering Nikon cameras on Mac OS X 10.11(El Capitan) did not work properly
    • Import from iPhoto resulted in all photos receiving a “pick” flag
    • Importing folders that included videos could fail in some circumstances
    • Import didn’t work if the user was not signed in.
  • Library
    • Comments from Lightroom web came into Lightroom on the desktop as already read.
    • In Lights Out mode when using the Undo functionality, the image disappeared.
    • Lightroom did not display the correct EXIF metadata for some video files from Panasonic, Canon and Fuji cameras.
    • Some specific dates could not be entered in Edit Capture Time dialog (like 1966, 1969, 1999, etc.).
    • Videos did not play on some systems.
  • Develop
    • Crop was reset to image edges when adjusting rotation via slider.
    • Not optimal quality when applying Auto Straighten and Upright “Level” mode
    • Auto Sync of some settings failed when using smart previews.
    • Lightroom ignored model­-specific custom default settings for some cameras, including some Leica and Sony models
    • Soft Proofing RGB readout values were different between version 5.7.1 and 6.x.
  • Photo Merge
    • Vertical panoramas as results of photo merge may appear with the wrong orientation.
  • Slideshow
    • Slideshow module did not work on some specific systems.

Note: the new Boundary Wrap function is available only for Photoshop+Lightroom CC subscriber, not for perpetual licence users! The other important feature introduced with Lightroom 6.1 and not available to perpetual licence users is the Dehaze filter.

How to update

To update, go to Help menu > Updates or click the Update button in the CC app.

Here are the direct links to the patches: WindowsMac.

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