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Leica L mount

The L-Mount was introduced by Leica for a APS-C cameras in 2014 with the Leica T and, in 2015, extended to full-frame cameras, the Leica SL.

In 2018 Leica, Panasonic and Sigma formed the L-Alliance to produce on their own cameras and lenses with the L-mount for interoperability.

In 2022 also DJI (maker of drones) joined the L-alliance, followed in July 2023 by Samyang (South Korean lens manufacturer also known as Rokinon) and Astrodesign (Japanese firm specialized in real-time digital signal processing and professional video cameras).

51.6 mm
20.0 mm
NameSensor formatSensor cropAF supportYearNotes
APS-C1.5motor in lens2014
Full frame1.00motor in lens2015
Full frame1.00motor in lens2018
L-mount alliance, firmware upgrade from SL mount