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Leica L mount

The L-Mount was introduced by Leica for a APS-C cameras in 2014 with the Leica T and, in 2015, extended to full-frame cameras, the Leica SL. It employs 10 electrical contacts for communication between the camera and the lens.

In 2018 Leica, Panasonic and Sigma formed the L-Alliance to produce on their own cameras and lenses with the L-mount for interoperability.

In 2022 also DJI (maker of drones) joined the L-alliance, followed in July 2023 by Samyang (South Korean lens manufacturer also known as Rokinon), Astrodesign (Japanese firm specialized in real-time digital signal processing and professional video cameras) and BlackMagic Design (manufacturer of cinema products and of the famous DaVinci Resolve software).

51.6 mm
20.0 mm
NameSensor formatSensor cropAF supportYearNotes
APS-C1.53motor in lens2014
Full frame1.00motor in lens2015
Full frame1.00motor in lens2018
firmware update from SL version before L-mount alliance
APS-C1.53motor in lens2018
firmware update from TL version before L-mount alliance