Phase One Capture One Pro 20: specifications and reviews

Phase One Capture One Pro 20


General characteristics

Phase One
Capture One
Pro 20
One time, Subscription
349 €
169 €
220 €/year
Windows, Mac
Main news: new Basic Color Editor, new HDR tool, improved noise reduction, better layer copy/apply management and DNG file support.
Catalogue, RAW development, Image editing
  • DPReview
    Although it's not the major update that the jump in version number might imply, Capture One 20 continues to evolve in the right direction, with a noticeable improvement in approachability for new users, and improved image quality to boot. If you're looking for an alternative to Lightroom, there are quite a few apps to choose from these days, but thanks to good image quality and some very intuitive tools, Capture One should definitely be on your shortlist.
Phase One Capture One Pro 20 Software