The version 3 of Adobe Lightroom brings very interesting (and sometimes needed) improvements.

Let''s see them all, module by module.


  • performance improvements, since LR 2 was quite slow. LR 3 is not as fast as we'd like, but scrolling in the library view and preview building is now visibly faster. The changes were also targeting catalogs with tens/hundreds of thousands of photos, where performances were unsatisfactory for an efficient workflow. Also, to improve performance, cache can be increased up to 200 Gb (if you have enough room on your disk....).
  • tether shooting: starting with some popular models of Canon and Nikon DSLRs. Shootings parameters in the camera can be viewed from within LR but for the moment cannot be changed.
  • watermarking: much expected. Not extremely flexible but with already a good number of option for positioning of text, addition of an image, transparency, sizing. It is also available in the other modules (print, slideshow, export) since you may want to apply a watermark just/only before exporting your photos.


  • support for video files. Finally. With all recent DSLR shooting videos, there was no chance of not adding this feature. The support is basic, but Lightroom is not a video software: cataloging, search, tagging, filtering, collection. Out of the box not every type of video is supported, but you can add video drivers into your system (like for example the free FFDshow or other similar ones) to expand LR video formats supported.
  • filters are no more sticky to folders: many people complained that they went back to a folder where they set a filter weeks ago and the filter was silently active, giving unexpected results. Now it is released when you switch to a new folder. You can still lock the filter to keep it active (but the same filter, not specific to each folder) when going from a folder to another one.
  • a new Favorite Sources option in the breadcrumbs bar above the filmstrip, useful, since LR misses a specific Favorites folders function.

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