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Sony yesterday released updates for 6 models:

  • the full frame A7RII, A7SII, A7II and the new flagship A9. For the A9 there is just a modification for the overheating warning, while the other models received an interesting list of improvements, especially the A7RI/A7SII a change when noise reduction is set to NO, and this seems to target the wide complain from stars shooting people with the star eater problem of these cameras (even with no noise reduction set, the camera apply a noise reduction effect, technically known as "spatial filtering" , with exposures longer than about 3 seconds that causes small dots (and stars are small dots...) to be wiped off and that's very disturbing for astrophotographers, that will like this firmware upgrade. 12nd June update: from some deep testings, it seems as the new firmware has unfortunately not solved this problem, just slightly improved on the green channel, infact the night sky appears slightly greenish with noise reduction off - see for example here.
  • the APS-C size A6500 and A6300. In particular A6300 gets a new menu option to delay auto-shut off for high camera temperature tipically when shooting 4K videos. Some early testers have noticed about double duration with the new setting! Also startup time seems to be quite improved, though it is not esplicitly mentioned in the Sony list of changes.

Here you can find the link for firmware download links and details of the updates:

A9 v1.01, A7rII v4.00, A7sII v3.00, A7II v4.00, A6500 v.1.03, A6300 v2.00

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