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On 23rd of September, Adobe has announced and presented in a web session the new version of Photoshop: Creative Suite 4 (CS4).

Most notable enhancements:

  • Adobe Camera Raw with all the new features available in the Develop Module of Lightroom 2, like localized corrections, post-crop vignetting, graduated filter, mask, etc (you can see our Lightroom 2 review here);
  • improved performance, especially in handling large image files;
  • content-aware scaling, that is resizing images preserving the size of some objects - it seems magic but it works (automatically for some easy-to-identify elements or manually identifying them) and was already available in the powerful freeware GIMP;
  • 3D improvements, for the Extended version;
  • new, improved version of Adobe Brodge (the image browser).

An interesting collection of video clips of new features in CS4 is available at this link.

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