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Sony has announced the new top-of-the-line mirrorless APS-C (1.5 crop factor with respect to full frame) camera: the A6500.

This announcement is quite unexpected, since the A6300 has been launched just 6 months ago... very little time ago. Someone supposes that the A6300 was delayed and the A6500 is on original schedule, that's why they are so close.

The main updates of the new model with respect to A6300 are:

  • 5-axis sensor stabilization (so called IBIS in Sony's term): that's great, because that feature is extremely powerful (up to 5 stops claimed) and in Sony offering was available so far only on full frames bodies.
  • Touch screen LCD: again very good here, it is a must feature nowadays to tap and quickly focus. Also the touch screen is available as a trackpad to move the focus point with your thumb when using the viewfinder. The touch screen is not available to scroll images in play mode and to navigate the menus (strangely).
  • Greatly enlarged buffer: up to 307 JPEG shots in a burst, wow! Ironically, since the battery life is rated around 310 shots, one could question if one burst can deplete a full charge battery... but it doesn't.
  • Some hardware enhancements: more dust/moisture proof, a magnesium alloy body, a more robust lens attachment for heavy lenses, shutter rated for at least 200'000 shots and with antivibration.

The bad news is that this upgrade will cost much more that current A6300: $ 1400 in US and 1700 € in Europe, quite expensive (from A6000 to A6500 the initial price is become almost three times...). Availability from November/December (for Christmas gifts...).

Here you have the video of the official announcement::

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