Today, April 2nd, Adobe has published the first beta of the next major (at least as numbers) upgrade of Lightroom, thus version 2.0.

It appears that the major areas of novelty so far are: localized corrections (but only as local modification of brightness, contrast, etc., i.e. not real image retouch), more search and catalog options in the library, dual monitor support (very useful but you have to get 2 monitors of course) and a better integration with Photoshop. Other minor enhancements are provided. You can find a very good official presentation of the new or changed features at this link: Lightroom 2 beta.

In my opinion we can aim at more since this is a major upgrade: for example the export module is still a bit poor (e.g. you cannot parametrize the name of the folder where you export to...), no lens distorsion available, performances could be enhanced a bit more.

But the discussion is open: what would you like to see in LR 2.0?

You can discuss here, also Adobe setup a forum for getting feedbacks. We hope that they will be kept into consideration.

Knowing Adobe, I think the upgrade will not be so cheap...

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