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Today Adobe has released Lightroom 6.5, news are:

  • a new features: when merging multiple photos into a panorama, dust spot removal set to one photo is automatically applied to the other photos;
  • boundary warping in panorama merge has been improved;
  • additional cameras support - among them the new Nikon D5, Nikon D500, Canon 80D, Canon 1DX Mark II, Sony A6300 (full list is available at this link);
  • additional support for many lenses (full list available at this link).

Now the most important fixes:

  • Mobile Sync
    • performance improvements
    • on first launch, sync was not being logged in automatically.
  • Import
    • Rename failed if RAW+JPEG photos were copied to a secondary location
    • Unmoveable tethering toolbar
  • Library
    • Scrolling through photos with the mouse in Loupe view was bugged.
    • The video cache size was not respected.
  • Photo Merge
    • Auto checkbox in Panorama Merge has been removed since it always selected Spherical.
    • photo merge failed when source photos were virtual copies (details on merge bug).
  • Export
  • Slideshow
    • Slideshow was displaying low resolution.
    • Impromptu slideshow throw the error that video support was disabled.
  • Book
    • Broken scroll bars.

Updates is possible through the menu Help → Update, or you can find download direct links here: Windows - Mac

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