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Adobe Systems Inc. has announced a new release of the popular consumer imaging application: Photoshop Elements 8.

Most important new features:

  • new Photomerge Exposure tool that combines two images with different exposure into a single one.
  • Recompose tool:rescaling of image while keeping proportions of what is the main subjects (something seen, more advanced, in Photoshop CS4).
  • a one-click Quick Fix adjustment function: color, lighting, contrast variant previews are presented for a quick selection of adjustments.

There are also some features specific only for Windows:

  • support for WIndows 7;
  • a new Auto Analyzer to automatically group and tag photos and videos;
  • an improved People Recognition function;
  • auto-synch mode to try to keep synch between photo/video libraries in multiple PCs.

Also Mac users will get dedicated additions:

  • a new full-screen preview mode;
  • many shortcuts are added.
  • a new smart brush to apply effect to a selected area only.
  • a Soften Surfaces function to soften surfaces while keeping the edges unblurred;
  • an interesting Scene Cleaner function to combine multiple photos deleting objects that changed positions - this is very useful to clean up unwanted people or things moving into the image frame.

The new version will be available before end of the year at around 100 $.

Also Adobe Premiere Elements 8 for video editing has been announced and can be bought in bundle with Photoshop Elemens.

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