Today Sony has introduced a new mirrorless camera as an evolution of the famous A6000: the A6300, with a new 24 megapixel APS-C sensor e new autofocus system (based on the one of A6000 and called "4D"....) with... 425 AF point covering all the frame and compatible with A-mount lenses via an adapter! Sony claims just 5 hundredth of second for focusing in normal conditions!

Here are the other main features:

  • 11 fps continuous shooting and at 8fps continuous with live view - this is a good achievement, since so far one of the drawbacks of mirrorless cameras were not being able to keep the view on the scene while burst shooting;
  • ISO range up to 51200;
  • electronic viewfinder with 2.4 million pixels (we are slowly getting close to optical viewfinder resolution...);
  • wifi with NFC;
  • 4K video capture! This is done by subsampling a large center portion of the sensor image, we will see if it will be affected by moiré or not. Also a full-HD at 120 frame per seconds is available and a S-log gamma curve for enhanced dynamic range, a pro feature - kudos Sony.
  • 400 shots with a battery charge (weirdly less if using the viewfinder) and 400 grams of weight included battery (mirrorless cameras are light, one big selling point).

What's missing: no touchscreen (and no way to directly select a specific AF point), "low" resolution LCD (just 921 K pixels) and no weather sealing (just dust and humidity proof).

Initial price of 1000 $ (good price for such a technology advanced camera) from next March.

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