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Leica has announced the pricing for its new DSLR, the S2 that should ship from end of September: around 23'000 $ for the body only (!).

The camera will be a bit bigger than a Canon EOS 5D or a Nikon D700 and it will be weather and dust sealed (given the price it is mandatory in my opinion), with a big 30x45 mm sensor (more than 50% bigger than full frame sensors!) packing an incredible 37.5 Megapixels but, given the size of the sensor, we expect very good dynamic range (12 stops according to Leica) and extremely low noise.

Together with the camera, two fixed focal lenses for that format will be introduced: 70 mm f2.5 (around 4'500 $) and 180 mm f3.5 (around 6'400 $), while two other ones are expected by Christmas (120 mm f2.5 and 35 mm f2.5, same price range...).

Good quality but quite expensive.

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