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Yesterday IDImager version 4.2 has been released.

IDImager is one of the richest (if not the richest one) DAM software available (software for photos cataloguing) and the new update adds some interesting enhancements, among them the most important are the following:

  • new user interface, with theme support - IDImager 4.2 comes with 5 themes: dark, neutral grey, sand, money green and windows (white backgrounds). The new GUI makes the colors of the application modules more balanced (before they were a sort of indipendently managed).
  • an improved GPS panel with great features to support GPS tagging in pictures, including integration with Google Earth - great;
  • a one-click downloader with additionally download profiles: IDImager's dowloader was very flexible, sometimes... too much, in the sense that if you typically use the same settings, you couldn't avoid the wizard steps. I've been asking to the development team, that I know, this feature and now we get it. Cool.
  • transfer photo to PicasaWeb;
  • support of the new IPTC extensions (tags inside pictures about location of the shoot, licensing / copyright details, global identifier, more details about the owner...).
  • a new option for having automatic import of changes in the image file properties (star rating, color label) done with a third party software - but this works just while IDImager is open - here we'd like to see a new feature in the future to detect those changes when IDImager is closed.
  • a couple of performance improvements and bug fixes.

The link to IDImager official site is here.