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Today Canon has announced the new entry-level DSLR: the EOS 1000D (European name) / Digital Rebel XS (USA name).

Pressed by competitors, Canon introduces a model that, with regards to features, is in between 400D and newest 450D, but candidates to become the most popular Canon DSLR.

Here are the differences between the new 1000D and 450D and 400D:

  • live view realtime (image through LCD): 1000D & 450D;
  • auto-focus: 9 points in 400D & 450D (also with higher precision center point), 7 points in 1000D;
  • spot metering: only in 450D;
  • sensor pixel: 10 Mp (1000D & 400D), 12 Mp (450D);
  • image processor: DIGIC III (faster, 14-bit, better noise control) in 1000D & 450D, DIGIC II in 400D;
  • highlight compensation ("highlight priority"): only in 450D;
  • LCD: 3" only in 450D, 230K pixels on all models;
  • shooting capacity: higher (500 shots without flash) in 1000D & 450D, 360 shots in 400D.


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