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Canon has announced it is developing a new system for image stabilization that should improve significantly the effectiveness, especially for macro photography, where hand vibrations influence particularly shot stability.

The new system is still a lens system, like in Canon tradition that has 21 DSLR lenses with stabilization (the IS models) and like Nikon (the VR models), while other vendors, like Sony/Minolta and Olympus, has opted for camera systems. Long debates on which is the best (probably none, it depends on the type of situation, i.e. focal length and so on).

The new Canon system is called Hybrid image stabilization since it will compensate for both tilt vibration (camera rotating clock and counterclock-wise) and shift vibration (camera moving up and down) with a double gyroscopes system.

Canon also announced that a new lens will be available around end of this year employing this new system.

It will be very interesting to see it performing.

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