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Yesterday, Sony in a conference in San Diego has announced a new APS-C mirrorless model: the A6400. This is a step-up from A6300 with some new features just announced also for full-frame models, while it lacks the sensor stabilization offered in the A6500.

The A6400 retains many features of the A6300: 24 megapixels, 425 focus points, video up to 120 fps in Full HD or 30p in 4K, burst shoot up to 11 fps (8 fps with live view). Let's see the major improvements about this model with respect to A6300:

  • LCD screen tiltable vertically 180° so that, facing the subject, can be used for self portrait/shoot. That was a minus point in previous models with respect to other brands. Just a caution: if you mount a mic on the flash shoe, then the LCD is somehow masked. 
  • Newly announced Sony advanced eye-AF tracking (automatically enabled with just half pressing of shoot button) and more accurate. The new eye-AF will be expanded to animal eye, first brand to offer this!, by next (northern hemisphere) summer.
  • Newly announced Sony real-time tracking, n stills, an evolution of the (a bit clumsy) lock-on AF to tracking moving subjects using some artificial intelligence algorithm (nowadays AI is very popular..).
  • Claimed world's fastest autofocus down to 0.02 seconds.
  • Movie
    • Enhanced AF trackng in movie.
    • 8-bit version of the Hybrid Log Gamma standard for simple capture of HDR video
  • Intervalometer / time lapse function, finally... every camera nowadays offers, while A6300 required to buy an additional app for that (worse is current situation of full-frame cameras where in camera time lapse is just impossible though that will be changed in following months).
  • Enhanced grip, as in the A6500.

Offical Sony video presentation of A6400:

What's missing? The A6500 stabilized sensor and the headphone jack.

Price is very interesting, at 1050 € / $ 900 plus taxes, that is less than original price of the A6300. Features and specifications of A6400 in our LightPoint Camera Database at this link.

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