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Adobe has updated its Digital NeGative specification - DNG to version 1.3. Adobe proposes DNG as the interoperable/standard format for RAW images, that we know to be proprietary.

The new version 1.3 adds the possibility of specify some adjustments and enhancements, called opcodes, to the images, like the well-known lens corrections (distorsion and lateral chromatic aberration - corrections done for example in Adobe Camera Raw with Photoshop or in Lightroom).

The biggest advantage of shooting RAW instead of JPG is the possibility to apply corrections before the raw data from the camera sensor are interpolated allowing much higher quality in those corrections. It's not the same working in JPG, that is the result of the elaborations done inside the camera and so it is no more possible to go back to the full quality of original information provided by the sensor.

The specification of DNG are public (a way of Adobe of promoting adoption of this format). Some time ago we reported the intention of Adobe to submit it as an ISO standard (see the news here).

Specifications of the new 1.3 version are available on Adobe site.

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