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Canon EF-M mount

The Canon EF-M lens mount was introduced in 2012 as a derivative of the Canon EF lens mount for Canon mirrorless interchangeable lens of the M-series that have APS-C sized sensor (about 1.6 crop format with respect to full frame / 35 mm). This was the first move of Canon into the mirrorless world, the distance to the sensor (flange distance) is much shorter than the other Canon mounts, typical for a mirrorless design.

This mount, and related cameras and lenses, was discontinued between 2022 e 2023, with R-mount being the future for Canon mirrorless

EF-S and EF lenses can be used on EF-M mount cameras with a specific adapter.

47.0 mm
18.0 mm
Sensor formatSensor cropAF supportYear
APS-C1.61motor in lens2012