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Sony a7 III: specifications and reviews

Sony a7 III

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General characteristics

One time
Sony a7 III
€ 2300
$ 2000+VAT
650 gr.
127 mm.
96 mm.
74 mm.


Full frame
35.8 mm.
23.8 mm.
25.0 bits
14.7 EV
3730 ISO

Auto Focus and Metering

-3.0 EV
693 phase AF + 425 contrast AF points
-3.0 EV


Mechanical and Electronic
10.0 frame/sec.
10.0 frame/sec.
10.0 frame/sec.
10.0 frame/sec.
1/8000 sec.
1/8000 sec.
1/250 sec.
710 shots
710 shots with LCD, 610 with EVF. 10 fps without live view, 8 fps with live view. 89 RAW compressed in a burst

ViewFinder & LCD Screen

Electronic (EVF)
0.78x (35mm. equiv)
2.36 million
3.0 in.
0.92 megapixel
Tiltable less than 180°
Tap to focus


Full HD @ 24/25/30p, Full HD @ 50/60i, Full HD @ 50/60p, Full HD @ 100/120p, 4k @ 24/25/30p
4:2:2 at 8 bit
1024x576 @ 15p

Other Characteristics


Connectivity & Storage

Microphone, Phones, HDMI, USB3, Power, USB-C, External flash
Dual slot, SD, SD UHS-I, SD UHS-II, Memory Stick
WiFi, Bluetooth, NFC
  • Amazing Sky Testing the Sony a7 III for Astrophotography
    Comparison with Nikon D750 and Canon 6D Mark II. I rate the Sony excellent for nightscape imaging and for real-time aurora videos. I list it as just “good” for time-lapse work only because it will not be fully compatible with some motion controllers and rampers. The star eater issue is gone.
  • Max Yuryev on YouTube Video features comparison
    Comparison by Max Yuryev of video features to Sony A7RII, A6500, Panasonic GH5
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  • DPReview Sony a7 IV versus a7 III
    by DPReview TV
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    Comparison of Sony A7 III with similar models: Sony A7 II, Sony A7R III, Canon 6D Mark II, Nikon D750, Fujifilm X-H1, Panasonic GH5
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  • DPReview 8.9/10
    The Sony a7 III is a well-priced, well-rounded camera suitable for all kinds of photography. Twenty-four megapixels of resolution is more than sufficient for most tasks, and the 693-point autofocus system and 10 frames-per-second burst speed help the a7 III keep up with fast action. Video quality and feature set is another strong point, though some operational lag, a slightly low-resolution viewfinder and unintuitive video autofocus may turn off some users.
  • Imaging Resource
    Sony with the A7 III, especially, have created an impressive all-around camera with professional-level image quality, performance and features, while at the same time maintaining a price point that's attainable for a lot of photographers. [...] it's a "Goldilocks" camera in a way.
  • Dustin Abbott
    I can easily see the benefits of having the a73 for 1) shooting events, where the 24MP resolution and amazing low light performance makes it a top choice and 2) shooting action, where having incredibly high resolution is less important. I have only a few complaints: I miss the higher resolution EVF on the a7R3, find the APS-C mode less useful, and continue to be seriously disappointed in Sony touchscreens.
  • Photo District News
    PROS: Great value for the money; excellent image quality; strong color reproduction and dynamic range; market-leading battery life.
    CONS: Lower-res viewfinder; lacks fully articulating display; touch not fully implemented in the menu system.
  • LonelySpeck 9.2/10
    [Review for astro shoot] It proves itself as a great astrophotography camera and general all-rounder. It has great low-light performance, some of the best that we’ve seen. For astrophotography and other low-light scenarios, we found that the a7III sensor performs best at ISOs higher than 400. RAW noise filtering does exist but are greatly improved over previous generation cameras and should not eat stars or be problematic in real-world shooting.
  • Italiano (IT) Fotografi Digitali
    La qualità d'immagine è molto elevata, così come le prestazioni (non sono poi molte le Full Frame da 10 fps); il sistema autofocus evoluto e performante, dal canto suo, consente di ottenere con facilità risultati che, nel caso di altri modelli (anche top di gamma), richiederebbero molto "mestiere" da parte del fotografo.
    In questo scenario, i pochi appunti che si possono muovere (mirino EVF non allo stato dell'arte) si diluiscono fino a scomparire.
  • Italiano (IT) Saggiamente 9/10
    Il bilanciamento di specifiche è quasi perfetto e il prezzo di vendita (che è di poco superiore ai 2000€) è molto allettante considerando l'insieme di qualità offerte. Le cose di cui si sente la mancanza o che gli si possono recriminare sono davvero poche e spesso soggettive. [...] Di fatto è diventata il benchmark per la categoria.
  • Italiano (IT) Tomshardware 10/10
    L'α7 III migliora le già notevoli caratteristiche della sua progenitrice, con un nuovo sensore Exmor R CMOS di tipo BSI (retroilluminato) della medesima risoluzione, una gamma ISO molto più ampia, un autofocus con un numero molto maggiore di punti ed un burst rate raddoppiato. Una mirrorless full frame curata in ogni minimo dettaglio pensata per un'ampia varietà di generi fotografici.
Sony a7 III Camera