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Sigma information and a brief history

It is Japanese company founded by Michihiro Yamaki and produces cameras, lenses (the most famous product line), flashes and other accessories for photography. It is the largest family-owned independent camera lens manufacturer.

In 2018 Sigma became one of the founding members of the L-Mount Alliance together with Leica, while abandoning its SA-mount cameras line.

Sigma lens abbreviations

  • AArt, wide aperture lenses for low-light and creamy bokeh shooting.
  • APO: high quality telephoto lenses with typically at least 3 low dispersion elements.
  • CContemporary, lenses for general use.
  • DG: lenses compatible with full-frame digital cameras.
  • DN: lenses compatible with digital mirrorless cameras only.
  • HSM: with HyperSonic Motor for auto-focus.
  • OS: Optical image Stabilization.
  • SSport, telephoto lenses.
Product TypeModels in Production / Total
Models: 4 , in production variants: 4 ,  discontinued variants: 0
Models: 42 , in production variants: 94 ,  discontinued variants: 4