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Last Friday (March 14th) Adobe released the new versions of Lightroom and Adobe Camera Raw (for Photoshop CS3): Lightroom 1.4 and ACR 4.4. Essentially a minor upgrade: support for new cameras, color noise working also on black&white images and a fix/improvement when dealing with extreme color correction (camera calibration function), infact you will find a new ACR 4.4 Profile available in the "Camera Calibration" tab.

Today Olympus has announced the new low-end E-420 DSLR, the smallest DSLR in the market, yet packed with advanced features.

Some characteristics:

Apple has released Aperture 2, the new version of its popular image processing software for Mac.

Major areas of changes are: redesigned user interface, faster operations (expecially image browsing) and more image processing features (officialy they are "over 200").

See the official page for Aperture at this link

Adobe announced that it will discontinue the Adobe Stock Photos service as of April 1, the official reason is "to focus effort in other areas".

The famous site DPreview for Digital Photography with high rated reviews has launched a lens review section.

Sony has announced another two DSLRs to join its Alpha family, that place between the recently announced A200 and flagship A700.

Sony has announced another DSLRs to join its Alpha family: A350 that place between the recently announced A200 and flagship A700.

Alpha 350 has a new live view system called "quick AF live system": practically it is aimed to overcome the slow/manual focusing problem with current live-view systems. Great feature taken form point-and-shoot camera: the LCD can be tilted up!

It offers an anti-shake mechanism in the camera body (sensor movement) and up to 3200 ISO sensitivity. Sensor is a CCD with crop factor of 1.5.

The sensor holds 14.2 Megapixels.

Nikon has announced a new DSLR camera: D60, their latest consumer-level DSLR, as an evolution to D40X.

The new D60 has a 10.2 Mpixels, an anti-dust system with a dust shakes off mechanism and an airflow system, active d-lighting system to correct brightness and a stop-motion recording mode.

Today, January 24th, Canon announced the new entry level of its DSLR lineup: 450D / Digital Rebel XSi as an evolution of 400D / XTi.

Points of evolutions/changes are the following (not all the changes are listed):

Samsung has announced the GX-20 camera, a "twin" camera of K20D from Pentax, with which Samsung has a partnership. The major changes are the new sensor with 14.6 Mpixels (CMOS APS-C size) and live preview. Other features: image stabilization, dust removal, almost dust/water proof, 2.7" LCD with 230'000 pixels.