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Some news here and there from the digital photography world.

XRite has published ColorCheck Camera Calibration software version 2: here you have the official presentation video from XRite:

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Yesterday Adobe has published in its blog an announcement that states that only two most recent versions of Creative Cloud products (like Photoshop, Lightroom) will be available for download.

That means for example that they will probably delete software download of perpetual licence versions - up to Lightroom v6 and up to Photoshop CS6.

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Yesterday Adobe has released Lightroom 8.2.

Main new feature is "Enhance details" that Adobe says it allows improving sharpness up to 30% and reducing artifacts only on RAW images since the functionality is a new demosaicing method of the RAW file. This is not a default process since it is computationally heavy (for example around 15 seconds on a 24 megapixels image with a Windows 64 bit CPU i7-8750H with graphic card NVIDIA GTX 1050) and it's based on Adobe Artificial Intelligence, called Sensei.

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Yesterday, Sony in a conference in San Diego has announced a new APS-C mirrorless model: the A6400. This is a step-up from A6300 with some new features just announced also for full-frame models, while it lacks the sensor stabilization offered in the A6500.

The A6400 retains many features of the A6300: 24 megapixels, 425 focus points, video up to 120 fps in Full HD or 30p in 4K, burst shoot up to 11 fps (8 fps with live view). Let's see the major improvements about this model with respect to A6300:

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Last Monday, Christmas Eve, like a Christmas present, the open source software for RAW editing Darktable has been updated to version 2.6. It's like a gift since this software is free and the last update contains really a ton of new features and improvements, making it an extremely powerful tool for those that prefer a no cost solution for their image editing and cataloguing, another competitor to Lightroom though usability of Lightroom is superior.

Interested in switching from Lightroom to something else? You can read our article on Lightroom alternatives.

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As anticipated, yesterday Luminar 3 from Skylum Software has been made available to the public (beta versions were released to a restricted group of users): it is a RAW editing program that tries to compete with Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom.

The update is free for existing Luminar users while for new users the price is $69 / 69 € (with some 10 $/€ discount codes offered by quite a number of sites). 

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Today the open source RawTherapee 5.5 has been released. RawTherapee is a free, extremely advanced and features-packed software to develop RAW files and manipulate images.

All details available on the RawTherapee blog, hereafter we will list the most interesting aspects:

Yesterday Phase One has released an update to its popular RAW editing and catalog software Capture One 12.

Here are the main additions and improvements:

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We have published our side-by-side feature comparison for current popular full-frame mirrorless cameras: Sony A7III vs Nikon Z6 vs Canon EOS R and, in a more expensive price range, Sony A7RIII vs Nikon Z7.

Read the full article at this link (Photo - Reviews section).

Adobe during its event Adobe MAX 2018 has announced the release of the new versions of its photographic software: Photoshop CC 2019 (version 20.0), Lightroom CC 8.0 (the web version), and Lightroom Classic CC 8.0 (the desktop version).

Let's see what's new in these new versions:

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