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  • Lens model coverage: LightPoint database containes almost all models with Sony E, Canon RF mounts including third party vendors; other lens models are continuously added - if you want to prioritize a specific model, you can ask us it through the Contact Us module directly in the LightPoint site.
  • Type of search: you can choose among 3 different search mode clicking on the corresponding button at the start of the form:
    • General: it is the free search, with no constraint on the full Lens Database of LightPoint.
    • by Mount: it is the search focused on only lens models with a specific camera mount. Once selected this type of search, you need to choose the mount and then you can see the full list and add additional filters but only for that specific mount lenses.
    • by Camera: it is the search focused on only lens models directly compatible with a specific camera. Once selected this type of search, you need to choose the brand/manufacturer and then the camera model and you get the list of compatible lenses, which you can further restrict with additional filters. It's one of the most useful type of search.
      • Note: in this type of search it's possible to also look for lenses that are mechanically and electronically compatible with the selected camera but that cover only a portion of the sensor: for example if you have selected a full-frame Sony E mount camera, you can search also lenses with the reduced APS-C format (cropped format, equivalent focal length 1.5 times in the case of Sony). When this extension is possible, a new filter "also lenses with crop" will appear and if you select "Yes", you can extend the search to these reduced format lenses. These lenses will be shown in the list with a yellow background showing the cropped ratio and in a column the equivalent focal length (35 mm equivalent) that you get with that lenses mounted on that camera. A unique search feature of LightPoint!