IDImager, a very good DAM rich of features (in my opinion the richest DAM available), has been updated to version 4.1

New features include dynamic search (online and/or conditions), quick label/keywords assignments and improved general performances.

You can find the product at this link.

Yesterday, May 13th 2008, Canon has updated the software suite that is bundled with DSLR camera boxes.

In particular it has updated Digital Photo Professional (DPP) to version 3.4, this is the program to develop RAW images.

Microsoft has released on 1st May Expression Media 2 both in a Windows and Mac version, an update of the DAM (image catalog) program.

Today, 1st May 2008, the LightPoint site sees the light... We're on line!

Olympus has announced the new midrange DSLR model: E-30.

Main changes:

  • CMOS sensor with 12 megapixels (not very interesting the pixel race);
  • a tilt and swivel LCD! That is very useful, until now reserved just to compact cameras.
  • sensor stabilization - a choice different than Nikon and Canon that stabilize lenses;
  • fastest shutter time of 1/8000th second (impressive, though not so common to be used)
  • a multiple exposure mode (often avaible on film SLRs)

Today, April 2nd, Adobe has published the first beta of the next major (at least as numbers) upgrade of Lightroom, thus version 2.0.

It appears that the major areas of novelty so far are: localized corrections (but only as local modification of brightness, contrast, etc., i.e. not real image retouch), more search and catalog options in the library, dual monitor support (very useful but you have to get 2 monitors of course) and a better integration with Photoshop. Other minor enhancements are provided. At this link you can find a very good official presentation of the new or changed features.

Today Aperture has released Aperture 2.1 for Mac, very soon considered that version 2 was released just a month and a half ago.

The update includes some bug fixes and feature tweaks but, more importantly, it introduces a new expansion possibility with a plugin framework (on the same way of Photoshop for example).

Last Friday (March 14th) Adobe released the new versions of Lightroom and Adobe Camera Raw (for Photoshop CS3): Lightroom 1.4 and ACR 4.4. Essentially a minor upgrade: support for new cameras, color noise working also on black&white images and a fix/improvement when dealing with extreme color correction (camera calibration function), infact you will find a new ACR 4.4 Profile available in the "Camera Calibration" tab.

Today Olympus has announced the new low-end E-420 DSLR, the smallest DSLR in the market, yet packed with advanced features.

Some characteristics:

Apple has released Aperture 2, the new version of its popular image processing software for Mac.

Major areas of changes are: redesigned user interface, faster operations (expecially image browsing) and more image processing features (officialy they are "over 200").

See the official page for Aperture at this link