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Written by Giuse     June 03, 2009    
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Photo Whisker is a rich-featured Adobe Photoshop plugin to automate process of RAW photos with full integration with Lightroom.

Photo Whisker supports a new workflow for batch processing of your RAW images to let you save time and achieve perfect results.

How it works:

  • set your image adjustments in Adobe Lightroom (those ones that are specific to your tastes and cannot be automated like cropping, exposure compensations, keywording, etc.);
  • select the images you want to batch process and with a Lightroom plugin the list is passed to Photo Whisker;
  • launch Photoshop with Photo Whisker plugin;
  • All corrections are automatically customizable for your specific lens and camera sample and you can tune them.
  • Launch Photo Whisker and every image will be batch processed

Some of the supported features:

  • RAW development using Adobe Camera Raw engine and importing all your adjustments from Lightroom;
  • retrieval of lens and camera models to apply chromatic aberration removal, lens distorsion correction and customized sharpening. 8 Canon lens module ready to use: EF-S 10-22 f3.5, EF 17-40 f4 L, EF-S 17-55 f2.8 IS, EF-S 18-55 f3.5, EF 28-135 f3.5 IS, EF 50 f1.8, EF 70-200 f4 L IS; other modules for any other lens can be easily self-added;
  • analysis of shooting conditions (ISO, shutter) to apply tuned noise removal (several type of noise removal are supported) and sharpening;
  • read of your star-rating applied to the photo and conversion to JPG and/or TIF versions with different quality level, like smaller files for just 1 or 2-star rated images.
  • many other advanced processing, like multi-layer sharpening and a unique bloom removal (blue halo for digital sensor saturation).

Other characteristics:

  • Published on Exchange section of Adobe web site - link here
  • Fastest tool available on the market to save you lot of time.

All details available in the producer website: www.PhotoWhisker.com.

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