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On 23rd of September, Adobe has announced and presented in a web session the new version of Photoshop: Creative Suite 4 (CS4).

Most notable enhancements:

  • Adobe Camera Raw with all the new features available in the Develop Module of Lightroom 2, like localized corrections, post-crop vignetting, graduated filter, mask, etc (you can see our Lightroom 2 review here);
  • improved performance, especially in handling large image files;
  • content-aware scaling, that is resizing images preserving the size of some objects - it seems magic but it works (automatically for some easy-to-identify elements or manually identifying them) and was already available in the powerful freeware GIMP;
  • 3D improvements, for the Extended version;
  • new, improved version of Adobe Brodge (the image browser).

An interesting collection of video clips of new features in CS4 is available at this link.

Canon has announced on its US site a new Canon Professional Services (CPS) program, starting in 2009 and with 3 membership levels (silver/gold/platinum) of which first one is free.

Link is - update now link for US CPS service is at this here.

Finally Canon has disclosed the successor of the popular, mid/high range 5D camera: the EOS 5D Mark II.

Very interesting improvements (starting from 21 Megapixels and HD movie mode) in our Review in the dedicated section at the following link: overview.

Yesterday Sony has announced its flagship Alpha 900 (A900), its first full-frame camera with 24 Megapixels and sensor stabilization.

Read full details in our overview (link here).

After 4 months of activity and more than 8000 contacts, LightPoint has a completely new layout!

The new layout offers

  • better compatibility with old version of Internet Explorer (the various browsers and their versions behave quite differently);
  • new home page with a cool overview on the Gallery "Images of the month";
  • completely new layout for News: spotlight of the most popular news in the past 30 days, news categories listed for a quick access, fancy overview of latest news;
  • new layout for the "What's On" section for registered members.

In the month of August, on LightPoint site interesting news and overviews have been published, like the new version of Lightroom and the annoucement of new DSLR.

Hoping to see you online often.

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Canon has announced the 50D, the successor of 40D, middle level DSLR, after some days when some news had leaked.
The body is practically the same of 40D (maybe some better sealing ribbons) but the features inside and the new LCD are interesting.

Here are the main updates and new additions: