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Episode 162 of PhotoShop TV (online presentations by Adobe) contains an interview with Tom Hogarthy, that is Product Manager of Lightroom.

He says that:

  • Lightroom 2.2 is expected for this month;
  • it will support for new cameras (like the recently released Adobe Camera Raw 5.2);
  • it will show improved performances on Local Adjustment Tool and Gradient Filter, as requested and complained after release of LR 2.0;
  • it will embed Camera Profiles (you have probably seen it from Adobe Labs).

Photoshop TV link is here (requires Flash plugin).

Nikon has announced the top range D3x, that doubles the pixels count of D3 reaching the figure of 24.5 megapixels with 14 bit of depth in RAW files. That means that a single TIF image coming from a RAW shot with no compression is about... almost 150 MB, quite a lot also in our age of huge storage...

ISO range of 100-1600 and 5 frame per second.

Other features are more or less expected: 3 inch LCD with Live View, EXPEED chip image processing, wireless support, HDMI port.

Expected street price of US$7999.95 in the U.S.

An official 28 pages brochure has been posted here.

Adobe has released Camera Raw 5.2, the new version of its RAW conversion plugin for Photoshop CS4 (only, CS3 is not supported) for Windows and Mac.


  • added support for new cameras, including Canon EOS 5D Mark II and Panasonic DMC-G1;
  • function to store all adjustments applied to an image to be able to apply them to other images;
  • the Adjustment Tool seen in the latest Lightroom release;
  • setting of output sharpening as in Lightroom;
  • new colour profiles

Download link: Windows here, Mac here.

A Reuters article (link here) today announces that Samsung Techwin (owned by the more popular Samsung Electronics) is going to spin off the camera business, since it is not performing well, under high costs pressure and heavy competition in the digital arena.

We remember that some years ago Minolta sold its camera business to Sony. Tough competition....

Apple has released an update to the "Digital Camera Raw Compatibility" software to version 2.3. This update is applicable to iPhoto '08 and Aperture and adds RAW format support for Canon EOS 50D, Nikon D90, Sony A900 and compact Nikon P6000. Besides that, Apple declares that the update improve stability of RAW conversion, it's not specified to what aspect specifically.

Link to download the update is here.

Lightroom 2.1 has been released after some week of a 2.1 Release Candidate version. Also Adobe Camera Raw for Photoshop has been updated.

This update just adds support for some new cameras and fixes a lot of stability and performance bugs.

Lightroom 2.0 infact was launched with quite a lot of problems for some type of hardware (like for PC with some type of graphic cards as well for Vista 64 bits).