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Canon has released a service notice for its high end EOS-1D Mark III and EOS-1Ds Mark III DSLRs models.

Basically, some drops of oil from the mirror box can reach the Low Pass Filter in front of the CMOS causing ring shaped halos.

Affected owners can have the camera serviced for free (of course).

PictureCode has update the standalone version of popular Noise Ninja software for noise removal: added a sidekick mode, improved external editor support and batch processing, for example for interaction with Adobe Lightroom (pictures are sent to Noise Ninja after export). Also a bug for Mac version has been fixed.

The Photoshop version of the plugin is not updated.

Link for new version available here.

Nikon has announced the new entry-level D5000.

The main changes and features are the following:

Olympus has announced the new entry-level DSLR: E-450. It is an upgraded version of the E-420.

Detailed comparison of the new model are here:

As announced last September, Canon US has revealed the conditions of the new Canon Professional Service program, aimed to professional photographers.

Three levels are defined of which first one is free, while the others cost 100 $ and 500 $. Requirements are not very different than before: 2 pro DSLR and 3 lenses - they call "pro lenses" but in the list you can find a lot of non L series lenses, so this requirement is easily matched.

Of course benefits increase with level: short repair turnaround, equipment loan, free clean & check, and so on.

All details available at this link.

Nikon has released the version 2.2 of its proprietary software for RAW images management Capture NX2.

Here is the link to download.